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Certact, Engineering, Precision Engineering, Engineers, Certact

Established in 1968, we are a privately owned and run precision engineering company based in Singapore. In year 2008, our shareholders had setup another facilities in China , Suzhou.


We consider ourselves to be one of the unique setup in Singapore whereby beside precision engineering,we also provide services for plastic fabrication as well as thermo-forming, plastic welding(PVC,PP,FRPP,PVDF,ABS and etc)  plastic bending, anti-static coating and last but not least plastic heat treatment.

Today, Certact has become the first choice of many companies requiring finished parts ready for assembly without the need for inspection. Our quality control systems operate in strict compliance with ISO 9001 and Aerospace 9100, to provide our customers with total quality assurance.

To upkeep our product quality, our Machining and Plastic departments are segregated so as to ensure that our Plastic products are not contaminated.



Certact, Engineering, Precision Engineering, Engineers, Certact

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