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Plastic Engineering

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Plastic fabrication is the design, manufacture, or assembly of plastic products through one of a number of methods. Some manufacturers prefer plastic fabrication over working with other materials (such as metal or glass) due to the process’s advantages in certain applications. Plastic's malleability and cost-effectiveness can make it a versatile and durable material for a range of different products.

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Plastic Welding

Plastic welding for semi-finished plastic materials is described in ISO 472 [1] as a process of uniting softened surfaces of materials, generally with the aid of heat (except solvent welding). Welding of thermoplastics is accomplished in three sequential stages, namely surface preparation, application of heat and pressure, and cooling.


Welding Services for PVDF, PP, PVC. Bending without undercut for thickness 8mm to 12mm

Certact, Plastic, CNC, Precision, Machining

Precision CNC Machining

Certact is certified with ISO 9001:2008 for certified precision CNC machining services for parts and components. Capabilities include in-house tool and fixture design, CAE design and development, milling, and turning from single prototype to short-low and high-volume production runs.

Certact, Plastic, Plastic Prototype, Engineering, Machining

Thermo Forming

Certact provides thermoforming, a manufacturing process whereby a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature and formed into a specific shape in a mold. It is then trimmed to create a usable product. 

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Raw Materials Supply

Certact also provides a wide range of Engineering Plastic in cut size measurment for our customers.

Certact, Plastic, Datasheets, Materials, Engineering, Machining

Antistatic Coating

Certact is able to apply anti-static agent onto the surface of your requested plastic materials in order to produce the anti-static effect.

Certact, Plastic, Datasheets, Materials, Engineering, Machining

Polishing Services For Wide Range of Plastic

Certact provides polishing services for machining parts to cater to our customers' requirements for cosmetic effects. 

Our pure polishing services include polishing for 3D printing products

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